Legend for Tires Toronto Motorcycle

Tires Toronto motorbike come with a series of numbers and letters on the sides of the tires. The purpose of these legends is to provide as much information as possible to the user of the motorbike tires, these inscriptions, composed of acronyms and codes that are engraved on the sides of all motorbike tires, represent a great help to the consumer when purchasing them, and provide an unequivocal opportunity to know how to use, care and maintain the tire properly.

This is the way in which the manufacturer informs the purchaser of all the specifications and different capacities for which this type of tire has been manufactured.

Meaning of the Tires Toronto Motorcycle Legend

The sidewalls of tires Toronto motorbike are known as sidewalls, and on them is engraved all the information you need to know about a motorbike tire, each letter, each number, each code has a meaning, let’s see what all this information is about:

  • The first thing you notice appears in the largest letters of all the legend on the sidewall of the tire, and refers to the brand of the tires Toronto motorbike, such as Pilot, Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone, etc.
  • The following legend on the sidewall of the tire refers to the type of tread pattern on the contact patch and the model of the tire, e.g. Street Radial.
  • The series of numbers and letters starting with 3 numbers refers to the width of the tire, a legend like the following 180 followed by / then 55
  • In the above case, the two-digit figure (55) means the ratio in percentage between the width and height of the tires Toronto.
  • The above legend is followed by two letters, e.g. ZR indicating the construction structure, in the case of ZR meaning radial construction.
  • Also in this sequence is the diameter in inches of the tire, in the example 180/55 ZR 17, the last pair of digits indicates ring 17.
  • An M/C in the legend confirms the use of the tire on motorbikes.
  • If the letters TT appear in the legend, this indicates that the tire must be used with inner tube and TL must be used without inner tube.
  • Other information that can be seen on the sides of these tires are related to the loads they can support, the place and date of manufacture, the direction in which they must be rotated, including whether it is a front or rear wheel.