7 Ways to Make Your Plumbing System Greener

A licensed and experienced plumber can assist you in making your home plumbing system greener and more environmentally-friendly. Keep reading to learn seven ways you can make changes right away.

1. Install a New Energy-Efficient Hot Water Heater

Older water heaters lose their ability to retain heat with aging insulative materials and begin using more energy to operate. You should begin making plans to install anew water heater once your current unit gets past the 12-year mark. New models are more energy-efficient by design. Saving energy is a hallmark quality of a greener home.

2. Switch to an On-Demand Water Heating System

You can save even more energy by switching your water heating system to an in-line, on-demand water heater. Energy will only be used as the hot water is needed. The amount of hot water produced can be adjusted to suit the needs of your household. It’s an easy way to have the hot water your home requires without wasting energy.

3. Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating your pipes is another way to save energy and can save your pipes from freezing during cold snaps. Calling out a plumber to fix frozen and broken pipes can be expensive. Save energy, save water, and save on repair costs with this inexpensive home improvement.

4. Remove Pipes From Exterior Walls of the Home

Running your water pipes in the exterior walls of your home leaves them at the mercy of the elements and will lead to increased water usage in the summer. The pipes can heat up and people will run the tap for extra periods of time to access cooler water. Insulated pipes can freeze if they are positioned close to the outdoor environment during freezing weather. You can visit Cherry and Clark Roofing for more insights and informatoin.

5. Test Water Quality

The quality of your water can also result in costing more money in home maintenance and repair, which is definitely not a greener way to live. Heavy amounts of minerals in the water can clog pipes. Heavy iron content can lead to staining on clothes, bedding, and even appliances. Test the water to see the quality and make determinations on how to improve the condition and content.

6. Add a Water Softener System

Softening the water will remove many of the minerals that lead to restricted water flow and pipe clogs. You will also reduce the amount of soap and cleaners it takes to keep your home clean.

7. Add Water Filtration

Filtration is a way to remove debris, chemicals, and heavy metals from the water that make water taste bad and stain your clothing or plumbing fixtures. Adding a filtration system allows you to use every drop of water without waste.

Save energy and resources by incorporating a greener plumbing system in your home.

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